All classic Monopoly tokens face retirement in fan vote

Hasbro is asking Monopoly fans to pick eight tokens in a new generation of the classic board game. These are eight of 56 contenders. Picture from Hasbro. (From left to right: NASCAR, rubber ducky, wagon wheel, TV, watch, bunny slippers, Monopoly emoji, penguin.)

Hasbro is wiping the Monopoly board clean and asking fans to pick eight tokens in the next generation of the classic board game.

Fans can pick from 56 options in an online campaign launched Tuesday called MONOPOLY Token Madness Vote.

“The MONOPOLY Token Madness Vote lets our passionate fans choose all eight tokens in the MONOPOLY game and no token – not even the Scottie dog -- is safe!” said Jonathan Berkowitz, senior vice president of marketing for Hasbro Gaming in a press release.

Contenders include all current tokens and an eclectic mix of possibilities, including a T-Rex, hashtag, rotary phone, rubber ducky and emoji options.

Hasbro will announce the fan favorites on World Monopoly Day, March 19, and include the selection in an updated version hitting stores in August.

Until then, the company passes the dice to fans and asks everyone to cast votes here by January 31, 2017.

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