Hell's Kitchen on the Strip opens with celebrity force

Chef Gordon Ramsay attends the grand opening of Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen at Caesars Palace Friday, Jan. 26, 2018, in Las Vegas. CREDIT: David Becker/Las Vegas News Bureau

Things are a bit hotter on the Strip after the grand opening of Hell’s Kitchen outside Caesar’s Palace.

They rolled out the red carpet for celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey. He said it’s been his dream to turn his hit TV show into an actual restaurant and said there’s no better place than Las Vegas.

The restaurant is officially open for business and already turning up the heat on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Ramsay said we can expect the “real deal.” He said, “I’m a self-professed perfectionist. I want it right and when it’s not right, I’m going to call it out.”

The sharp-tongued celebrity chef wowed the crowd and even stopped to take selfies. He said he’s aware that his new spot is already on fire. “We have 25,000 reservations made, so that makes it a little bit scary.”

In typical Vegas fashion, the red carpet rollout was nothing short of spectacular.

Even the hottest team on the ice made an appearance. The Golden Knights posed for photos before entering the new eatery.

Christine Wilson, Season 10 winner said, “Vegas is the best spot for everything.”

It’s also a city that’s growing.

Mary Beth Sewald, the President and CEO of the Las Vegas Metro Chamber said, “Las Vegas is trending far and ahead of the national trends.”

For Ramsay, it just comes down to the food.

“There’s no chef anywhere in the world that doesn’t want to be here, so my steak is in the ground," Ramsay said.

Literally, the signature pitch fork is seen throughout the restaurant. The TV show was recreated for diners. The kitchen staff is even divided into red and blue teams.

Nick Peters Bond is a finalist in Season 17 of the reality show. He said, “It’s amazing to see how it’s come to life.”

This is Ramsay’s fifth restaurant on the strip. This one already promising a very different dining experience.

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