Endeavors seeks to build better lives for community

Endeavors seeks to build better lives for community

SAN ANTONIO- Tiffany Walker, Gilbert Saldana and Thomas Bonilla of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church and first Alamo Baroque Festival discussed the Mission of Endeavors and how it provides comprehensive, effective and innovative services that help people to build better lives for themselves, their families and their communities. Endeavors focuses their energies on providing programs and services to support children, families, Veterans and those with mental illness.

They provide a total of six programs for the community:

Their Fairweather Programs provide supportive housing, job training and placement, case management and life skills training for mothers with disabilities and their children.

Their Veteran Services include case management, housing stabilization and Homeless Prevention Services that are provided to over 4,000 Veteran households each year. This includes job placement, help for VA benefits, emergency financial assistance for rent and utilities and assistance for public benefits for Veterans and their families.

Their Community Based Services include supportive services, crisis intervention and case management for families, seniors, children and individuals with disabilities.

Their Emergency Services include certified case managers that include childcare and support staff which provide emergency services to families and children in emergency situations and shelters.

Their Endeavors Unlimited program have commercial grounds and custodial services that provide employment for individuals with disabilities.

Their Children and Youth Services provide on demand case management, clinical and social work and direct care that staff provides on a national scope to evacuation centers, foster homes, corporations, community centers and families.

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