Scobee Education Center promotes planetarium for kids

Scobee Education Center promotes planetarium for kids

SAN ANTONIO- Rick Varner, Michelle Risse, and Jennifer Becerra of Scobee Education Center at San Antonio College discussed the planetarium’s programs. The Scobee Planetarium opened its doors in 1961, and has since attracted millions of visitors of all ages. The Scobee Education Center today is in the same location with the planetarium incorporated into the new center, which many people do not know.

They described the programs at the Scobee Education Center, and the importance of exposing students to STEM experiences and programs at a young age. They also described guests’ experiences when they visit the Scobee Planetarium.

Some of their upcoming events are FIESTA Mission, which will be on April 20th, and the Girls STEM Summit, which will be on August 3rd.

This summer, the Scobee Education Center will host the following summer camps:

Astronauts in Training Camps (K-2nd grades)

Session 1: June 18-22 Session 2: June 25-29

Cosmic Kids (3rd-5th grades) July 9-13

Explorers’ Academy (6th-8th grades) July 23-27

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To find out more about their summer camps, please click HERE

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