Men in Pink Gala to honor breast cancer medical community


SAN ANTONIO- Minas Chrysopoulo, MD, Genny Small, and Jessica Meyer of the Overcomers Men in Pink Gala discussed the first annual Overcomers Gala and the role it plays in the breast cancer medical community. They also explained PRMA Plastic Surgery’s mission and role in breast cancer reconstruction.

To find out more about the Overcomers Men in Pink Gala, please click HERE.

Overcomers Daughters of the King of Kings is a non-profit organization in San Antonio.

It has workshops at various times throughout the year to encourage, equip, and strengthen women that have undergone breast cancer.

Overcomers promotes awareness of the resources that San Antonio offers for survivors of breast cancer post treatment.

It was founded by Genny Small, who had Triple Negative breast cancer during her third trimester of her 8th child in 2014.

The 4th workshop will be taking place in February and Overcomers offers 9 week workshops twice a year, both in the Spring and Fall.

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