Nursing is Caring

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A new book, "Nursing is Caring," exemplifies what it means to be a nurse.

Each year, Beverly Wheeler, M.S.N., RN, clinical assistant professor in the School of Nursing at the UT Health Science Center, gives an assignment to her graduating nursing students to reflect on one experience with a patient during their clinical training that confirmed that they were entering the right profession.

The students are to write an essay about this experience. Eighty-two students' essays are included in the book. The essays share the students' empathy for their patients, desire to provide the best of care for them and the enlightenment that only comes from practicing what you have learned in the classroom.

All proceeds from book sales go to benefit the UT Health Science School of Nursing scholarship fund.

To purchase the book, go to:

Search under books for "Nursing Is Caring."

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