Roy Maas Youth Alternatives and the Meadowland Girlsville Running Club

The Girlsville Running Club is Roy Maas Youth Alternatives' Meadowland campus in Boerne.

The Girlsville Running Club is Roy Maas Youth Alternatives' Meadowland campus in Boerne. The 14-week training program began to promote exercise, increased healthy lifestyle, and promote a way to cope with stress for the children living at the Meadowland long-term residential facility.

About RMYA:

Through residential and counseling services, RMYA helps children and families end the cycle of trauma and abuse too many youngsters experience in our community. Since 1976, RMYA programs have served more than 78,000 abused, neglected and high-risk youth.

About Meadowland:

The campus at Meadowland includes six residential cabins (four for males/two for females); an educational/ recreational complex, including a gymnasium and weight room; the Meadowland Charter School; computer lab; library; and the Burdick Community Center.

The campus has a jogging track, several ballfields, basketball courts, and a swimming pool and pool house. Children placed at Meadowland frequently come from chaotic, unpredictable environments with inconsistent discipline, care or supervision. Many have a history of abuse, and as a result have behavioral and emotional problems which, without intervention, could lead to destructive behaviors. There are a number of clinical considerations that must be reviewed along with the “fit” of the child into a particular resident group and the RMYA capacity to work with any special needs the child may have. The Meadowland Campus accepts male and female children, ages 6-17 who are neglected, abused, abandoned, involved with the juvenile justice system, in crisis, or otherwise in danger. RMYA’s policy does not discriminate in the manner in which it provides services or in the manner in which it screens applicants. At no time will a referral be denied admission to the program based on sex, race, color, national origin, political belief, religion, sexual or gender orientation.

For additional information on the Meadowland Residential Facility contact 830-816-2425.

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