UT Health San Antonio: Summer skin safety, what you need to know

UT Health San Antonio: Summer skin safety, what you need to know.

It is important to take care of your skin especially during summer outdoor activities by applying sunscreen, avoiding tanning booths and being aware of changes in our skin to avoid skin cancer.

Dr. Adaobi Nwaneshiudu, a UT Health San Antonio Dermatologist shared with Fox San Antonio why it's important to keep one's skin safe during the summer months.

All types of skin can get sunburned, so it is important to use the right kind of sunscreen daily and apply it more when you will be outdoors, and after swimming and sweating. Avoid tanning beds and being out in the sun during peak sun times – 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Use a sunscreen SPF 30 or higher daily and SPF 50 when out in sun. The typical application of sunscreen doesn’t allow for the maximal SPF so reapplication is needed.

It’s best to avoid tanning beds and tanning salons. Studies have shown tanning beds are associated with an increased risk of skin cancer, especially melanoma. You can use tanning lotions, gels or mists that have, but it’s a good idea to try them in on a test spot first to ensure they don’t cause a rash on your skin.

If you get sunburned, go inside, take a cool shower and apply cool washcloths to the burned area. Cooling gels or creams with Aloe vera can help. You also can apply hydrocortisone cream to red areas and take ibuprofen to help with inflammation and pain. If it is a severe sunburn, make an appointment to see your dermatologist.

A free skin screening will take place this year. It will be on Aug. 10 at the UT Health Cancer Center located at 7979 Wurzbach Road.

Anyone can start register for the screening now by going online.

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