Wilder provides hope to survivors of domestic violence

Wilder provides hope to survivors of domestic violence.

SAN ANTONIO- Gwendolen Wilder, Author and Business Strategist, discussed how survivors of abuse can use entrepreneurship strategies such as her Wilder Mastermind, or W.I.L.D.E.R., 6-point business strategy to turn crisis into an opportunity for financial independence, self-confidence, and assertiveness.

She discussed how key corporate decision makers can develop positive corporate behaviors and increase community engagement by turning domestic violence into an opportunity to use awareness, prevention, and intervention strategies.

Wilder explained how she used entrepreneurship to turn her sexual assault and domestic violence experience into an opportunity to help herself, family, and community. Wilder Mastermind is the best resource to give value to the community through abuse awareness. Wilder is involved in the local FVPS organization and the Uresti Blue Ribbon Task Force that aims to combat child abuse and domestic violence.

The Wilder Mastermind event will start on February 12th. It is an 8-week online program that will discuss who survivors of abuse can become survivors using entrepreneurship. For more information on the event, click HERE

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