Children's Health Insurance Program still at risk


The Children's Health Insurance Program is still at risk, according to Texas State Rep. Mary Gonzalez.

"There have been some efforts for there to be a Band-Aid, but it's important for El Paso to know CHIP has not been reauthorized," Gonzalez said.

The program wasn't reauthorized in September and wasn't included in a continuing resolution signed by President Trump on Friday, which keeps the federal government funded until Dec. 22.

"What that means for El Paso is over 25,000 children and 763 women, pregnant women, will lose their benefits," Gonzalez said.

"We've heard from both sides that CHIP is extremely important and we need to re-authorize it."

Some El Pasoans said they're nervous for children in the community who rely on the CHIP program.

"A lot of the parents don't have a good job or they can't afford regular insurance, so this is a big issue because the kids are going to be helpless," Hector Rubio said.

Texas HHSC projects the funds for CHIP in Texas may run out as soon as February.

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