Hospital fires dozens of workers for refusing flu shots

Employees fired after refusing flu shot (WBJR / CNN Newsource)Thumbnail

(CNN Newsource) About 50 hospital employees were terminated this week when they failed to get a flu shot.

Essentia Health, a hospital in Minnesota, instituted a policy this year that requires employees to get a flu vaccine. Hospital administrators said they gave workers three options: get the shot, get a religious exemption, or get out. About 50 were let go this week.

A nurses association called the policy 'unnecessarily intrusive' and adding the flu shot isn't 100% effective.

Essentia stands by its policy, saying it will do what it takes to keep patients and fellow workers safe.

"People may debate oh how effective that is, but based on what the level of evidence is and what our peers are doing, we thought this was the best way to protect our patients," said Dr. Rajesh Prabhu.

Two unions have filed complaints against the hospital.

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