Man's runny nose was really a brain fluid leak

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    A man who thought he was suffering from ongoing allergies for five years was really leaking brain fluid.

    Greg Phillpotts, who spoke to WTVD in North Carolina, says he spent years treating a runny nose that just wouldn't quit. Some doctors told him he had pneumonia and bronchitis.

    "I was stuffing tissues up my nose," he told the TV affiliate. "It became normal up until February because I was up all night coughing."

    Then, he saw a doctor who gave him the unexpected diagnosis: a cerebrospinal fluid leak.

    Thankfully, doctors treated Phillpotts with a minimally invasive surgery that essentially patched the leak. Now, the fluid protecting his brain won't be as susceptible to infection.

    "Have you ever been so congested that you can't breathe?" Phillpotts said. "All of sudden you can breathe again and what a relief that was!"

    Thanksgiving should go smoothly for Phillpotts this time around. Last year, he told the TV station that fluid poured out of his nose as he prepared Thanksgiving dinner, ruining the food.


    Info from WTVD

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