Spanking, corporal punishment not an effective method of discipline, say pediatricians

Child on playground (CNN file image)

Do you spank your child? While many parents see spanking as an acceptable method of discipline, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says parents should it.

According to a new policy statement issued Monday morning, the AAP states parents should use discipline strategies, "not physical or verbal punishments to stop unwanted behaviors in children and teens."

Some of punishments include time-outs, reasoning, yelling, spanking and corporal punishment.

Children who are physically or verbally punished are more likely to use negative physical and verbal behavior. -AAP

Instead, the AAP suggests parents use other forms of discipline to reinforce good behavior. Tips from pediatricians include praising good behavior, setting limits and expectations, redirecting your child away from bad behavior and setting a good example.

You can read the AAP's entire statement on punishment here.

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