16-year-old capital murder suspect appears before judge

16-year-old capital murder suspect appears before judge

SAN ANTONIO – A 16-year-old girl, charged with capital murder. Her crying mother begs the judge to keep her out of jail.

It’s the latest twist in the murder of 37-year-old Milton Miles last week at his apartment on the far north side.

The teenager and five adults are all charged with capital murder. Bexar County Sheriff’s deputies say the suspects forced their way into the apartment to steal drugs, and Miles was shot and killed.

The teenaged suspect appeared before a judge Thursday morning. Because of her age, we are not naming her or her family or showing their faces.

She walked into court with her hair piled above her head, her hands cuffed and shackled. Deputies say she confessed to her involvement in the murder.

Still, her mother does what mothers do: she fights for her daughter.

"This is very serious. Somebody died. I'm not pretending the importance of the case be diminished. But this is my daughter,” the mother says. "I would like to ask for my daughter to be released. I feel like there's no other place. She belongs with me."

The mother admits she too could have done things better.

"Prior to having this problem on this situation I didn't think of anything better to do with my time but to focus on working as much as possible to be a better provider for my kids,” the mother says. “That made me work too many hours. But that was my decision. And now my decision is to be a better parent."

At 16, her daughter is the youngest suspect charged with capital murder. Four others are 18 years old. The oldest is 22.

"They're just starting their life and it has taken a dramatic turn from what I'm sure any of their parents, any of their friends or anybody would have predicted,” Sheriff Susan Pamerleau says.

Nor could they have predicted they would be in a courtroom facing questions from a prosecutor.

"So on a Sunday at 10 o'clock she's not at your home, but you don't know where she is,” the prosecutor asks.

"That is true,” the mother responds.

"And did you allow her to be out with those individuals that night?" the prosecutor asks.

"I allowed her to be out. Yes,” the mother responds.

Now, it’s the teenaged suspect’s turn to speak.

"Is there anything you want to say?" the judge asks her.

"No ma'am,” the girl answers.

"I'm going to deny the request for her release. I'm going to detain her today,” the judge says.

So the teenage suspect remains in custody, as do the other suspects. We’ll keep following their cases as they make their way through the justice system.


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