31-year-old father intentionally hit by car in parking lot of bar


SAN ANTONIO - Police are looking for a woman accused of intentionally hitting a man with her car in the parking lot of Thirsty's SA on South Presa Street.

"I just fell to the floor and then I just see the vehicle flee off, just take off," said Stephen Esquivel.

Esquivel is now out of the hospital but confined to his bed while his injuries from the hit-and-run incident heal.

"They're thinking 3-5 months for me to heal but they're not to sure about that," said Esquivel.

He and his wife were out celebrating Halloween weekend when a verbal altercation broke out inside of the bar.

"A simple bump that could have been avoided. I said excuse me," said Esquivel's wife, Roxanne Ramos.

Ramos says the woman believed to be the driver bumped into her inside of the bar. When she said 'excuse me,' Ramos says the woman became angry. She started yelling to the point where bouncers had to intervene.

All were escorted out of the bar.

"When she got in the vehicle, she was still yelling and that's how I knew she was coming because she was already yelling," said Esquivel.

The father of three was then mowed down by the vehicle. He says he pushed his wife out of the way to prevent her from being hit.

"When I reached out to push my wife out the way, it caught the back side of my leg," said Esquivel.

When the vehicle hit him, it caused a break in his fibula and tibia. He had surgery the following morning to place a rod in his leg, two screws in his ankle and two below his knee.

He is unable to work as his injuries heal.

If you have any information, please contact the San Antonio Police Department at (210) 207-7410.

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