6-year-old San Antonio boy receives new 3-D hand

6-year-old San Antonio boy receives new 3-D hand (SBG San Antonio)

SAN ANTONIO -- A 6-year old San Antonio boy received an amazing gift this week.

Patrick Perez was born without a left hand. He was recently fitted for a new prosthetic and Thursday, it was given to him. The hand was created on a 3-D printer by Brian Haddock, who is a freshman at the School of Science and Technology.

Patrick's mother says her son has been able to adapt to only having one hand, but she's excited to see what happens next.

"He has adopted so well, and he just does everything that a regular kid would do with both hands he does with one just perfectly,” Alejandra Perez told us. “I just can't wait to see what he does with two now. It's awesome."

The School of Science and Technology has provided four prosthetic hands for people across the country, including a hand that was made for a child in Wisconsin.

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