81 illegal immigrants found in refrigerated trailer in human smuggling attempt

(Photo: MGN)

81 illegal immigrants were found inside of a refrigerated trailer Friday in a human smuggling attempt near Laredo.

Border Patrol agents said they discovered 81 illegal immigrants inside of a refrigerated trailer Friday at the checkpoint on Interstate Highway 35 North of Laredo, Texas. Agents said they first saw a red tractor pulling a white refrigerated trailer with one person visible.

Authorities discovered the tractor's license plate had been stolen, and a service canine alerted to the odor of concealed humans and/or narcotics. After further inspection, the illegal immigrants were found locked in the refrigerated trailer with a fictitious seal.

Agents said there were 67 males, 13 females and one juvenile female inside of the trailer. The individuals were from the countries of Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, Brazil and Nicaragua.

The driver was a U.S. citizen and was arrested along with the illegal immigrants.

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