85-year-old woman decorates home for San Antonio's MLK March

85-year-old woman decorates home for San Antonio's MLK March.PNG

SAN ANTONIO- Just one day out of the year, you'll see Dorothy Mondine getting ready, decorating her home for San Antonio’s Martin Luther King, Jr. March which passes right outside her front yard.

“When they be walking I say 'God bless you, God bless you baby, love you, spreading that love,'” Mondine said.

Mondine, 85, said she and her friends have sat outside her home to cheer on marchers since San Antonio’s first MLK March in 1987.

“It's just a blessing to see the march and how there's freedom now,” Mondine said.

Carolyn Kelly Mondine's daughter loves seeing the city unite.

“We have people from the West, the West, the North, the South,” Kelly said. “It's a good feeling that everyone is having a great time for the same cause.”

It's a cause, a legacy, a day Dorothy looks forward to celebrating every year.

“He lost his life but thank God we are free,” Dorothy said. “We are free at last, thank God.”

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