Adopt-A-Senior program aims to keep the elderly in Bexar County out of isolation

Adopt-A-Senior Program

SAN ANTONIO -- Right now there are more than three million Seniors in Texas, and that number is predicted to be over seven million by 2040.

To help keep the elderly out of isolation more than a 100 volunteers will reach out to touch the lives of 300 Seniors thought out Bexar County.

"It's just no words for the way I feel right now, you know being alone you know, no family, " said Josette Stykes.

Stykes moved to San Antonio after Hurricane Katrina, and her family is back in Louisiana.

"There are people out here who care about them, " said Mary Morales. a board member for Catholic Charities.

Eight years ago Morales started visiting Seniors, and through her mission Catholic Charities launched Adopt-A-Senior, and now Adult Protective Services is also involved.

"I'm very grateful and humbled by the fact that this program that started with just my kids and I has grown to this magnitude, " added Morales.

The goal is to make sure no Senior in Bexar County lives in isolation.

"I think that we have an opportunity to give back to a generation that gave so much, " said Ann Cortez, District Director for Adult Protective Services.

Something we can all give is the gift of time.

"You'll never get over that overwhelming feeling of someone knowing they love you, " added Stykes.

If you'd like to participate in the Adopt-A-Senior program you can contact Catholic Charities or email

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