After 2 years the 'Old Highway 90' name battle continues on

'Old Highway 90' name battle

After more than 2 years the battle over a west-side street name rages on. Old Highway 90 was renamed in 2015 to Enrique Barrera Parkway, but still some people want it changed back.

"We don't even look at the street signs anymore,” said Javier Gutierrez, part owner of Del Bravo Record Shop.

In 2015 former Councilman Ray Lopez led the charge to rename Old Highway 90 in honor of Enrique Barrera, a deceased west-side leader.

"There's other places that are named after him,” said Gutierrez. “I don't see why it has to be on our highway."

Gutierrez, along with Michael Cooremans, are 2 of roughly 100 local business owners who petitioned the name change without success.

"It's historic,” said Cooremans, owner of 4 M Auto Supply. “Being historic, we thought it would never be taken away.”

“It's just like Alamo Heights, and any other area with a main street,” said Gutierrez. “This is our main street.”

However, District 6 is now under new leadership. Greg Brockhouse has been representing the west-side area since June.

“Personally right now, my job is to serve the residents,” said Brockhouse. “My bias, I have to put that out of here. They’re thousands of people that live here, and they decide."

If the city chooses to rename the street again, it’s a decision that could cost more than $20,000.

"There's never enough money when you right a wrong,” said Brockhouse. “If the neighborhood decides they want to go back, there's a cost for that, and I’m willing to figure out how to do that.”

“Our whole community wants it back,” said Cooremans. “It's something that never should have been done.”

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