Alamo Ranch residents raise traffic concerns after deadly accident

Alamo Ranch residents raise traffic concerns after deadly accident.

SAN ANTONIO - Three people were killed Wednesday after a crash on the far Northwest Side.

A black pick-up truck and a silver Sedan collided around 1:30 p.m. near 151 and Alamo Ranch Pkwy.

The driver along with her two passengers in the silver Sedan were killed.

The driver of the black truck survived, he had no passengers.

“At this time there are a lot of questions as far as how did this occur,” says Rosanne Hughes, a spokesperson for the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office.

An accident that is now leaving residents like Hayley Dempsey on edge about traffic in the area.

“Everything is becoming dangerous,” says Dempsey.

Texas Department of Transportation officials say in the last four days there has been an uptick of cars on Alamo Ranch Pkwy with holiday shopping being a factor.

“The Alamo Ranch area as a growing business sector,” says Josh Donat, with TX DOT.

Last Saturday, the 151 overpass also opened up. However, drivers say people are forgetting about the stop signs at the four intersection on Alamo Ranch Pkwy.

“When the cars were going over 151 at quite a high speed. They were faced with (suddenly) barricaded cars and they were having to slam their breaks,” adds Dempsey.

Dempsey also says on Sunday she noticed one stop sign was on the ground at the intersection near the Casa Blanca theatre.

“The cars were backed up at the intersection.”

According to TX DOT, no signs were removed, but the county could have been doing some work.

For now, all stop signs are up and officials advise drivers to slow down avoid any distractions, especially phones.

“The roads can turn deadly quickly,” adds Hughes.

The names of the victims have not been released.

It is unknown if speed was a factor in the crash.

No charges have been filed.

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