Alfonso's making millions of tamales this Holiday season

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    SAN ANTONIO -- Chances are you've had one of their tamales didn't even know it.

    Alfonso's tamales on the east side is huge, not only here, but throughout the state. This holiday season, we're introducing you to one of the most popular tamale makers in town.

    Alfonso Alvarado say's he was only a teenager when he came to America, "I'm from Mexico... I came when I was 16 years old."

    "He got introduced to a gentleman named Rudy DeLeon" say's Irena Alvarado, Alfonso's wife.

    Rudy owned Rudy's tamales, hired Alfonso and taught him everything he needed to know.

    "I learned the business from the back... to the front. To how to do the meat, grind it... do the masa, grind it.. do the tamales... and other stuff" say's Alfonso.

    Alfonso worked there for 50 years. Six years ago, Rudy passed away, that's when Alfonso decided to start his own business.

    "I said you know what - I want to open my own business. I have a little bit of money to start up" say's Alfonso.

    Starting up from scratch wasn't easy.

    "Because you got to buy meat, you got to buy oja, you got to buy corn, you got to pay overhead - you got to pay rent " say's Irena.

    Today, he now owns and operates Alfonso's Mexican Food Products located on the east side of town.

    "I distribute to everyone, I distribute to El Paso, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Pleasanton and all San Antonio." say's Alfonso.

    Alfonso's distributes to restaurants and meat markets everywhere in Texas.

    "So most likely if you're eating a delicious tamale, that's really great tasting - it's ours." say's Irena.

    Alfonso's cranks out millions of tamales during the holidays.

    "Like right now, everybody asking for 3,000.. 5,000 dozen" say's Alfonso.

    And they're able to keep their kitchen spotless, acing their health inspection.

    Alfonso is still thankful for how it all started and say's "Thank you to Rudy DeLeon, that was my, like my dad."

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