Alleged murder suspect arrested after SWAT standoff ensues

The alleged murder suspect Luis Antonio Arroyo. Video by News 4 San Antonio. 1.24.16

SAN ANTONIO - SWAT arrested a man who was wanted in connection with a murder and double stabbing.

A SWAT team was involved in a standoff with the murder suspect on the 7600 block of Callaghan Road around 8:56 a.m. Sunday morning.

Viewer video shows the tense moments before a capital murder suspect was arrested Sunday at an apartment complex on the Northwest side.

Neighbors woke up to the SWAT team in the middle of their complex, and had no idea the officers were hunting for a suspected killer.

Police were looking for 39-year old Antonio Arroyo, a suspect in a double murder that happened last Thursday, at an apartment on Sherril Brook.

Officers say evidence from that scene led to Arroyo being tracked down early Sunday morning.

"Tony your apartment is completely surrounded and we're not going anywhere," a SWAT negotiator.

It was an unexpected wake up call for some residents at the Alamo Hillside apartment complex.

"I didn't expect to wake up to anything like that," said Ashleem Rivera.

"They were speaking about hands in the air and please don't hurt anyone," said John Perez, the tenant that shot the cell phone video.

Perez shot the video from his apartment balcony as SWAT negotiators talked with 39-year old Antonio Arroyo.

"Open up the door put your hands in the air and walk outside and follow the officers instructions do it now Tony!" the negotiator is recorded saying.

Perez describes the early morning seen as surreal

"Especially on a Sunday you tend to believe that it's a day of peace and as soon as you look out the window you see about 15 different armed individuals and you see SWAT and you see different types of blacked out vehicles," said Perez.

Police say they were able to arrest Arroyo later without incident in connection with a homicide that happened late Thursday evening in the 3800 block of Sherill Brook.

"Two people were murdered and one person is still in critical condition," said Doug Greene, public information officer with the San Antonio Police Department. "The homicide unit was able to develop evidence and enough probable cause to issue this warrant."

Officers tell us Arroyo knew all three victims before the incident on January 21st.

But more details on the extent of their relationships was not released.

Back at Alamo Hillside after all the morning commotion, some are considering finding someplace else to live.

"Definitely don't feel safe here anymore," said Perez.

Arroyo faces a capital murder charge.

Officers released the names of two of the three victims.

Rodney Spring died at the scene, he was shot once in the chest.

Quikether Jackson -- one of the two women found shot and stabbed -- died Saturday morning.

The third victim remains in critical condition.

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