Anything for Selenas! Limited-edition Selena bags selling out all over San Antonio

Selena Shopping Bag (Photo courtesy HEB)

UPDATE 2:14pm: The HEB online store has sold out of Selena Bags.


Selena fans lined up by the hundreds to buy up the new limited-edition bags that went on sale at H-E-B stores on Friday.

The bags, which feature two iconic images of the late Queen of Tejano music, went on sale at $2 a piece at stores all over San Antonio.

Facebook viewer Jose Charo shot a video that showed a long line of shoppers, each hoping for a bag or two, but some shoppers told us several stores were sold out within an hour.

Charo left the store on the southeast side and later told us he was able to buy the last two bags for sale at the H-E-B store off I-10 and De Zavala.

The bags will also be available on HEB's website beginning at noon on Friday.

A video shows the line at HEB rapidly growing as Selena fans eagerly wait for their bags.

Here is a closer look at the limited edition Selena canvas bag.

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