Armed carjackers mess with the wrong woman

Natalie Dunn, 32, explains how she fended off two armed robbers.

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EAST BEXAR COUNTY-What would you do if two armed men tried to steal your car in the middle of the night? One feisty woman decided to take them on, one-on-two, and she's living to tell her story.

"Around 2:20 in the morning, I was just driving up into my house, my driveway, just like this," Natalie Dunn explains. She was calling it a night, February 5th, coming home after dancing with friends.

As she reached back to secured her back door she had quite the surprise waiting for her, "before I knew it, my driver's side door was being opening and I had a gun in my face."

What would be panic time for most, "They're like get the f*** out of the car and right away I was like what the f*** for?" was fight time for Dunn, "You can't tell me to get out of my own car, you gotta be kidding me."

The 4'11", single mother of two, and avid weight lifter is not to be taken lightly.

"It escalated from there," she says. "They were both pointing guns at me."

The Bexar County Sheriff's office says 21-year-old Ronald Charles Woolridge and another man tried, and failed to get away with the 32-year-old's car.

They initially tried hitting her with a gun, first in the knee, "After that didn't work, that's when he hit me on the face right here and then again on the lip."

That didn't work either, so it was plan B for the bad guys.

"One leg verses two guys trying to physically remove me from my car," she says. "They tried so hard, they tore my pants right off."

Woolridge and his colleague began a tug-o-war, one at each door.

Andrew asks, "So there's two guys trying to grab you and yank you in two directions?

"Yeah," she says laughing.

"They weren't very smart?" Andrew asks


Caught in that precarious pants-less position... "I figured the only thing I can do is try to make noise, so I just started honking the horn."

It worked, the two men ran off. Dunn knows her brave actions aren't what's recommended.

"I could have lost my life, easily...easily."

Bexar County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Rosanne Hughes agrees.

"In this situation, the woman is very luck to be alive right now."

Dunn says she would have only done one thing differently: "Probably would have grabbed the gun and hit them in the face."

Investigators say they were able to identify a group that called themselves "Kountingpaper" committing similar aggravated robberies in the area. Through physical evidence left in another car that it happened to, investigators were able to find and ID Woolridge, later arresting him. They say more arrests in this case could happen.

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