As downtown continuously changes, some things stay the same


SAN ANTONIO - Change is coming to downtown San Antonio.

Lots of it.

But sometimes, things stay the same.

Take Penner's clothing store, on the corner of Commerce and Camaron.

Owned and operated by the Penner family for more than 100 years.

"Penner's has been in business since 1916,” said owner Matt Penner.

These days, run by these Matt and his two cousins Max and Mitchell.

They come from a long line of Penner's.

"We are the fourth generation,” said Matt.

Carrying on a tradition with a job they love.

"You have to love it,” said Max.

The store has seen trouble in its time.

"The fire happened in 1978,” said Matt.

The building was destroyed, but Matt says it was a blessing in disguise.

"If it wasn't for the fire, I don't know if we'd be here today,” said Matt.

The fire, Matt says, gave his father a chance to rebuild the store.

It came back bigger and better, with the same old flare.

And for people like Javier Martinez.

"I have been working at Penner's Men's Store for 34 years,” said Martinez.

It's more than a job, it's home.

He watched Matthew and his two cousins grow up.

And over time, he watched as they fell in love with the business.

"It's their love for the place. They enjoy it. They love it,” said Martinez.

When you're in business as long as these guys, you tend to keep some customers.

Customers like Jaime Jimenez.

"I've been here shopping since I was in high school. That's more than 40 years,” said Jimenez.

He can sum up why he keeps coming in one, simple word.


"The clothes are perfect, you know,” said Jimenez.

Matt and his cousins say they hope generations to come will know and love their store.

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