Authorities out looking for drunk drivers after Super Bowl

Authorities looking for drunk drivers

Authorities are out looking for drunk drivers after the Super Bowl.

The festivities started early on Super Sunday in downtown San Antonio. Hundreds of people crowded River Walk bars hours before the kickoff.

We visited Mad Dogs, where employees were prepared for the large Sunday crowds.

"We remind the staff that today is a big drinking day,” said Jamie Malvonado. “You need to make sure you're watching your guests extra careful."

Although football is at the center of Super Sunday, drinking has become a close second for some.

"It's a beer drinking occasion,” said one person at Mad Dogs. “People make the most of it."

"It’s kind of an American tradition,” said one customer. “Football and beer, they go hand in hand."

While bar employees watch for those who had too much to drink, authorities are also out looking for drunk drivers.

"You've got to plan ahead if you're going to be out drinking,” said Bill Berbrick a customer at Mad Dogs. “The Super Bowl is no different than any day for that, but the culture is changing so you have to be careful."

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