Baby dies after babysitter's calls to 911 put on hold several times

    A grieving mother is seeking answers after the death of her 6-month-old son.

    She says the child's babysitter tried to call 9-1-1 for help, only to be put on hold several times.

    Videos and pictures capture Bridget Alex's love for her baby boy.

    Images of joy, now replaced by grief.

    "He was only six months, it wasn't his time," Alex said. "I'm so hurt."

    Alex was attending her nephew's funeral when Brandon's babysitter called to say he fell and wouldn't wake up.

    "I said, 'why you couldn't call 911?' she said, 'I am calling 911. They are not answering their phones.'"

    Saturday evening, the city of Dallas reports it had a surge of ghost calls from T-Mobile numbers, an ongoing problem that has tied up emergency lines for hours at a time.

    At one point, four hundred and twenty two calls were on hold.

    Brandon's babysitter tried three times but never got through.

    "The last time she called, they had her on hold for 31 minutes," Alex said.

    The city's goal is to answer 911 calls within 10 seconds.

    Saturday night, it reports the average hold time was between 30 and 40 minutes.

    "I just want y'all to tell me why didn't you respond to my son? That's all I want to know, is why," Alex said.

    Alex says she drove home, picked up her son, and raced him to the hospital herself.

    By the time she arrived, she says he'd stopped breathing.

    Alex blames the city and T-Mobile for failing to fix a problem they've had since november.

    For her, it is now too late to fix anything.

    "At the end of the day, I'm still going to be here hurt," Alex said. "Because he will not be here. I'm not going to see him or smell him or touch me or kiss him ever again."

    So what exactly is this "ghost call" issue?

    According to city officials, if a T-Mobile customer calls 9-1-1, their phone continues to dial 9-1-1 numerous times, and the calls register as hang-ups.

    Operators then must call back these numbers to verify if emergency assistance is needed, or if police must be sent.

    T-Mobile says it is trying to resolve the issue.

    Dallas' mayor has blasted T-Mobile for what happened, saying they need to move faster to fix it.

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