Baby found 'beyond decomposition' in trunk during drug raid

(Photo: SBG San Antonio)

UPDATE (10 P.M.):

Deputies say all 12 people found in the home have been released and no arrests have been made. An autopsy has been ordered for the child's body.

When we returned to the scene, it appeared someone had ripped out the memorial neighbors had made for the child.


Bexar County deputies are investigating the scene where a baby was found "beyond decomposition" during a drug raid on the West side early Tuesday evening.

Deputies were executing a narcotics search warrant at a home near Gunsmoke and Bronco Lane at about 1 p.m. During the search, a trunk was found inside a closet and the body of a badly decomposing baby was found wrapped in a blanket within.

The baby, potentially less than a year old, was wearing a diaper and baby clothes. It's unknown how long the baby had been dead, but Salazar said the body was completely dried out. It's unknown if the baby's death was a homicide. At this time, deputies are working to identify the child and the parents.

WATCH: Baby found 'beyond decomposition' in trunk during drug raid

The 12 people who were in the home at the time are believed to be United States citizens. They were all taken in for questioning.

Inside the home, deputies found drug paraphernalia. The investigation remains ongoing.

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