Band carjacked at gunpoint after performance

Band carjacked at gunpoint after performance

SAN ANTONIO -- A band is carjacked at gunpoint, and police are still looking for the man who pulled the gun.

Members of Viridian, a band from Louisiana, were packing up after a show at a venue just north of downtown when things started going south.

"We're from Lake Charles, Louisiana," said Curtis Elliot, lead guitarist.

The group has been playing together for about five years.

“We're sitting in the truck waiting for everybody else to come out there,” said Elliot.

The band had just finished loading their equipment after a one-off performance at The Amp Room.

Curtis Elliot and a fellow band member were waiting on two others.

“Then a guy comes up opens my door,” said Elliot.

“And I thought it was a band mate at first,” said Derek Meaux, rhythm guitarist. “Then all of the sudden he pulls out a gun.”

“Puts a gun to my head and tells me to give him all our cash," said Elliot.

The suspect hops in the band's truck and starts driving

“I'm in the middle and our other guitarist is in the passenger seat,” said Elliot. “The whole time we're in the car he's has the gun either on my stomach, on my chest, or my head."

Elliot did not know where they were going.

But several blocks down the road he sees an opportunity.

“I don't remember why or what happened but I just went and grabbed it got both hands on it and turned it on him," said Elliot.

The two band members began hitting the gunman before crashing the truck into a pole.

The suspect took off and the two guitarists were not hurt.

“I guess he got a little hungry and decided to bite my arm," said Meaux.

The gun was never fired and the car jacker only got away with about $200.

“I'm just happy I'm alive,” said Elliot.

“We're not going to let this stop us from traveling,” said Meaux. “We'll definitely be back."

The group headed back to Louisiana Sunday.

The band's truck was totaled and their trailer received some minor damage.

The band describes the suspect as a Hispanic male possibly in his thirties with short hair and wearing a blue polo and jeans.

If you have any information, you're asked to call police.

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