Bexar County Sheriff's Office Community Policing Unit set to expand

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SAN ANTONIO - The Community Policing Unit of the Bexar County Sheriff's Office is about to expand.

Funding was recently approved to add additional deputies this year.

Soon there will be enough community service deputies to patrol all of Bexar County regardless of where you live.

Deputy Ebony Jones is part of the community services unit with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office.

It's a unit that's dedicated to offering personalized service, and a unit that's growing.

"These deputies are where the community connects with the Sheriff's Office."

Commissioners Court recently approved funding for ten additional deputies this year; eventually bringing the total number to 22.

"So the difference between them and a regular patrol deputy is they don't respond to calls," Sheriff Salazar said. "They're proactive in nature."

"So that means we are more proactive instead of reactive," Deputy Jones added. "A patrolman is reactive they wait on a call to come out. We are proactive. We can go and look for things and we can go and spend more time that a patrolman doesn't have."

Deputy Jones has been with the BCSO a little more than 20-years.

He's spent the last several with the Community Services Unit and loves it, because it allows him to interact more with citizens.

"It binds our community together. We get more time to interact with our community," Jones explains.

For example, Jones makes a point to check in with leaders at this building currently under construction.

It's routinely plagued with vandals and squatters.

Eddie Alcorn has grown used to seeing Deputy Jones.

"That makes a big difference knowing your officers. You have a personal relationship with them you're able to call them when you need them," Alcorn said.

He says additional deputies added to the unit will help give others in Bexar County the same feeling of safety and security he enjoys.

"It makes you feel good because this person knows you and they know if this deputy comes to me he's going to do his best to get the job done," Jones said.

If you'd like to know more about the unit and find out which deputy is assigned to your neighborhood call the Community Services Unit (210) 335-5138.

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