Bed builders give children the gift of a good night's sleep

bed build.png

Some children in San Antonio spend every night without one of the simple comforts many take for granted.

But for hundreds of volunteers building a better tomorrow like Erica Jones are touching power tools for the very first time.

"I started out drilling using a power drill I had never done before it was a little intimidating but I got the hang of it.” Jones said.

Eddie Arnold, with Sleep in Heavenly Peace San Antonio said the way they put the individual building projects together helps first timers tackle a big problem.

"We're building 20 bunk beds which is gonna help plus get 40 kids off the floor here in San Antonio” Arnold said. “We set up an assembly line where we cut sand drill stain the wood and assemble it."

Gary Raba is hosting the build on the northwest side, as a part of his companies acts to give back.

He said it’s an enthusiasm that comes from within.

"The people want to be engaged in their communities, we want to support it and we want to do it as well." Raba said.

The labor a willing price to pay for a good night’s sleep.

"As a mother of three children I can't imagine children not having a bed to sleep on and so I knew this was something I felt that I wanted to do and needed to do.” Jones said.

If you need to register for a bunk bed or want to help volunteer at the next SHP build, you can find everything you need at

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