Bexar Appraisal District expecting record number of property tax protests


SAN ANTONIO -- Dozens of people across the county are looking for help at public workshops to find out how to keep their property tax money in their pocket.

The biggest surprise for some taxpayers might be the date change to file a notice of protest.

The Bexar Appraisal District is requiring tax payers looking to contest the appraisal to have the notice in by May 15, not at the end of the month.

“Last year we had a record number of appeals,” said Rogelio Sandoval, assistant chief appraiser for the District.

And this year the district is expecting even more people protesting their property tax appraisal.

With the real estate market on the rise, so too is property tax.

Some of these people at a Monday night tax workshop hosted by District 7 Council Woman Ana Sandoval have never filed a protest before.


Like Robert Lombrano. He’s been appraised to pay about $7000 more in taxes this year.

“I am retired I have a fixed income and a little bit here and a little bit there, pretty soon it is going to hurt me,” Lombrano said.

“We try to help them understand what issues or what nuances the appraisal district will listen to, what excuses what reasons they might have to find a lower value today,” said John Pelayo, a tax expert with Assessment Technologies.

It might not be enough to tell the Bexar Appraisal District that you have not made any improvements with your home. It’s a major help to be able to show it’s in some case of disrepair.

“Pictures and estimates are really really good as far as us try to come to an agreement at what a fair value would be,” Sandoval said.

It pays to protest. Our research shows that in 2016 residential property owners in Bexar County were able to keep $500 million after protesting.

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