Bexar Co. Sheriff's Office launches Special Victims Unit

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SAN ANTONIO - A more specialized focus is being placed on handling cases for some of the city's most vulnerable victims.

Sheriff Javier Salazar had launched the BCSO Special Victims Unit.

Its already receiving positive feedback from victims.

"To be honest I regret even reporting it really," Williams said.

Kayla Williams wants her story to be told. She says she was drugged and gang-raped at a party.

It happened nearly a year ago and she's healing from physical and emotional scars.

"I wish I would have never even reported it because I feel like I was slapped in the face," Williams said.

She says more sensitivity from detectives with a different investigating agency would have helped.

"They're basically saying just because it doesn’t make sense that it's not true," Williams said. "And I'm like I was drugged so it's not going to be in a straight pattern it's not going to be like that, it's going to be all over the place."

Sheriff Javier Salazar understands, and has launched the BCSO Special Victims Unit.

The team currently consists of 4 detectives and three supervisors who've been specially trained to deal with sexual offenses elder abuse and abuse of people with disabilities.

"It's a totally different mindset," Sheriff Salazar said. "I've dealt with these types of offenses for my entire career and it's a different mindset, people stop to think "well why didn't she cooperate, why didn't she outcry, why didn't she say something?" well they're not in their right frame of mind."

Williams says investigators with a different agency made her feel responsible for what happened.

She would have preferred female investigators.

"Because she can relate more, it's just a woman it's not a man I was raped by a man I don't want to talk to a man about what happened to me with four guys it's kind of embarrassing," Williams said.

She says the SVU should make it easier for victims to come forward.

"So victims can feel comfortable and feel safe to even go and report your rape or anything that happened to you. You have to make the public feel comfortable," Williams said.

Sheriff Salazar says sensItivity training with the SVU is ongoing.

It's not clear at this time if more investigators will be assigned to the unit.

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