Bexar County agencies practice for active shooter situations

    Bexar County agencies practice for active shooter scenarios

    Multiple agencies from throughout Bexar County are meeting in San Antonio this week, practicing for various active shooter situations.

    "We don't choose our tragedy, but we can choose our response,” said Deputy Chief Ari Jimenez from the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office.

    “That's where mistakes need to happen, in training, so that they're not happening out in the field,” said Sheriff Javier Salazar from the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office. “These folks here are getting some valuable training today.”

    The training class offers 10 possible real life scenarios, spread out over 3 days of exercises. The course takes place in a classroom, using realistic 3D simulations of possibly mass casualty situations.

    "You wouldn't think there would be a whole lot of pressure using a computer simulation system,” said Bill Godfrey from C3 Pathways. “But when you're a responder, and there's 55 people staring at you, it's a little nerve racking."

    "There's a lot of things that are happening in the background, that you don't see immediately,” said Jimenez. “It looks chaotic. Everybody is doing what they need to do, and everything comes together like a symphony.”

    Officials say the class was planned, prior to the tragic church shootings in Sutherland Springs.

    The program is paid for by the Department of Homeland Security. Officials believe it will help their first responders feel ready, if another mass shooting scenario plays out in Bexar County, or the surrounding areas.

    “It's important to have a plan, communicate that plan, and don't panic,” said Sheriff Salazar. “Just rely on your plan and training. You're going to stand that much more of a chance, of surviving an incident.”

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