Bexar County Commission takes on ozone problem

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SAN ANTONIO -- The Bexar County Commissioners' took on the ozone today.

They approved a resolution to decrease air pollution.

By doing so, they hope to spare us from stricter federal restrictions, restrictions that would affect us all.

Ozone, smog, air pollution, by whatever name you call it, it is becoming more and more of a problem for San Antonio. And with the new Federal E.P.A. standards that go into effect in 2017 we are running out of time to try to correct the problem. So the Bexar County Commissioners took a step to try curb the tide by passing an order today.

"We're trying this next step, which is okay if you have a 14,000 pound vehicle or greater and you're going to be stopped in traffic for more than 5 minutes turn your vehicle off," explained Commissioner Kevin Wolff for Precinct 3.

Wolff says this will dramatically cut down on the emission put out by these vehicles. But can this change actually be enforced?

"While we can't make an ordinance or a law, we can put it out as a rule from the court which supports other ordinances that have been passed by other cities and counties," said Wolff.

The implications of not complying with these new levels are significant for our economy.

"That can be huge from an economic development stand point. For instance trying to land a Toyota in a non-attainment area would have been a very, very difficult task," Wolff told us.

And can end up costing you and me more money.

"Look at California and how they have to do emissions control and how much that increases individual costs with their vehicles or other modes of transportation," said Wolff.

But for those waiting to get their vehicles inspected, the extra cost was worth it.

"I would totally pay more if it means cleaner air," said Scott, who was waiting for a vehicle inspection,

"I think it's important that we keep and that we continue to safe guard the environmental instructions that are given to us." added Paul, who was also waiting for a vehicle inspection.

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