Bexar County deputy saves a life using a new tool

Bexar County deputy saves a life

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office is now armed with a new tool.

"It's just one spray that comes out, and it's 4 milligrams,” said BCSO deputy Manuel Herrera. "Who doesn't want something in their toolbox, that's going to save a life.”

BCSO deputies now have Narcan spray, used to help reverse the effects of drug overdoses.

"Some people describe it as, someone being in a deep sleep,” said Herrera. “They may have their eyes and their fingertips turning purple."

The San Antonio Fire Department stays busy responding to overdose calls. We obtained documents that reveal, SAFD has responded to more than 12,000 overdose related calls combined, throughout the last 3 years.

Many of the BCSO deputies received Narcan training throughout the last 2 weeks. However, it was already used Friday morning to save a life.

"It's ironic maybe to some people, but these are the situations that our deputies are faced with almost daily,” said Sgt. Elizabeth Gonzalez.

Deputies tell us, they’ll use the spray no questions ask. Their goal is to save lives.

"As a first responder, our priority would be to save a person's life,” said Herrera.

The San Antonio Police Department will also be using these Narcan sprays. It’s a combined effort by local authorities, to decrease the wait time for people to receive help.

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