Big Bob's Burgers repaying community with Christmas turkey

Big Bob's Burgers repaying community with Christmas turkey

SAN ANTONIO – After the community stepped in and saved a local burger joint from closing its doors, Big Bob’s Burgers is now paying it forward.

This week, you’ll find Bob Riddle and his cooks taking a break from flipping burgers to smoke dozens of turkeys.

"Yeah, we make a good turkey,” Bob says with a smile.

The restaurant’s not tossing out the menu. This Christmas, Bob is playing Santa.

"I thought, let's give them away. Let's give away turkeys to people who are less fortunate,” he says.

He used social media to get his friends involved, and so far raised enough money to buy 100 turkeys. So who gets a Christmas bird?

"Anybody who calls,” Bob says. “The number is (210) 734-2627. If you know someone who's just going through some tough times - what we're asking you to do is just call and give their name, their number and their address."

He says if you want to help, stop by the restaurant at 447 West Hildebrand near San Pedro and drop off cash or a check. He’ll buy the turkeys and get them to people who really need them.

It’s all in the spirit of Christmas, because Bob remembers last Christmas all too well. The restaurant was in danger of closing for good.

"We were underwater. And I put this post on [Facebook] and said, ‘We need help.’ And everybody came,” Bob recalls. “We went from being insolvent to solvent in the space of about five days. We were on the receiving end, and [now] it's our turn."

Each turkey he gives away is a “thank you” to the city that saved him.

"It's too late for me to be rich so instead I'm going to just have a well-attended funeral,” Bob jokes.

Santa’s got a sense of humor, and a recipe for a Christmas miracle.

"Food and love: the two things you need in life,” he explains. “And this will do at least one of them.”


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