TODAY: The Big Give

Big Give kicks off Thursday

SAN ANTONIO- The Big Give is THE big day to donate to hundreds of nonprofits across our area.

Thursday more than 600 nonprofits from 14 counties across South Texas will ask for your support.

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"We have a lot of funds that are restricted, this just goes to general operations, which helps us continue to do programs, we do monthly programs with our children, we have big annual activities,” said April Medellin with Transplants for Children.

Transplants for Children has been serving the San Antonio and surrounding community for more than 30 years. It's helped more than 700 families before and after a child receives a transplant.

This year it hopes to raise $10,000 dollars in the Big Give.

"50 dollars can feed a family of four for a whole month, we have a partnership with the food bank, so counseling vouchers can go a long way, what most people think may cost X amount at a grocery store, we have partnerships and we can really stretch those dollars,” said Medellin.

Last year the Big Give brought in 4.7 million dollars to hundreds of nonprofits. This year they are hoping for 7 million, and the timing of the event is everything. Last year's event fell one week after Fiesta, which they felt may have affected donations.

"We wanted to make sure we moved it out of the Spurs season, move it away from Fiesta, and this year is the TriCentennial and that is there big week, their first week of May,” said Scott McAninch with the Nonprofit Council.

Big Brothers Big Sisters hopes to bring in $20,000 Thursday. Which would give them the ability to serve 20 more kids.

"So it would directly help us get some kids off the wait list, we have about 1 thousand kids waiting, to help them be in 1 to 1 mentoring relationships,” said Armen Babajanian with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

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