Cab driver killed inside taxi parked outside Windcrest thrift store

Windcrest police are investigating the death of a person found inside a taxi parked outside a thrift store on Thursday, January 17, 2019. (Photo: KABB/WOAI)

WINDCREST, Texas - Police in Windcrest say they are investigating the death of a man found inside a van parked outside a northeast side thrift store.

The discovery was made just before 7 a.m. outside the Texas Thirft Store along I-35 and Eisenhauer Road.

Investigators are still trying to put a lot of pieces together to find out who shot and killed the man in the drivers seat of a Yellow Cab.

When police arrived they found the man - described to be in his mid 50’s - dead inside the cab sitting in the drivers seat.

The cab was parked at the Texas Thrift Store parking lot along Interstate 35 near Eisenhauer Road.

The Windcrest Police Department has identifed the driver as Aadam Xirsi, 50.

Multiple sources, including friends and a roommate, confirm the driver is Aadam Xirsi, a veteran cab driver for Yellow Taxi.

“He came here to work for a better opportunity,” said Muhammed Kayemba, a close friend of Xirsi.

According to Kayemba, Xirsi was from Somolia and his wife and three children still live there.

He was supporting his family working as a cab driver.

We talked to one cab driver who said this is another sign that their job can be incredibly dangerous.

"This is 7 o’clock in the morning you would think this is something that would happen overnight this just goes to show our world is 24 hours it’s just it’s very disturbing and it’s very disturbing it’s very shocking," said cab driver Adrian Gonzales.

According to employees of the Texas Thrift Store, cabs are often parked in their lot as drivers wait for fairs.

Investigator say they are looking into the possibility that there might be more than one person involved.

The president of Yellow Cab told our station that he has turned over all video and GPS information to detectives.

Statistically nationwide, being a taxi driver is one of the most dangerous professions anyone can do.

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