Boyfriend cooperating with Anaqua Springs investigation

Boyfriend cooperating with Anaqua Springs investigation (SBG Photo)

SAN ANTONIO - Although the medical examiner has officially ruled the death of Nichol Olsen a suicide, the Bexar County Sheriff's Office is not ready to bring an end to the case.

After news broke Tuesday of the FBI joining the investigation, Sheriff Javier Salazar sat down with us, explaining the decision to bring in an outside team.

Salazar told us the topic of an extra set of eyes helping came up in conversation with the FBI agent in charge of the local bureau.

He also said this doesn't mean they are throwing away what the Medical Examiner concluded.

"Although the ME said right now, Nichol’s death was a suicide, he’s not saying who killed the little girls," Salazar said. "We can’t just make that leap and assume that. We have got to continue and look, so we’re investigating the whole thing."

This includes the investigation into Charlie Wheeler, Nichol's boyfriend, who has been named a person of interest.

However, he does says Wheeler being a person of interest doesn't mean a lot.

"Person of interest is just someone we’re interested in talking to," Salazar clarified with us. "He’s been cooperative to this point, we have no reason to doubt what he’s telling us at this point, but of course, we have to verify everything."

According to Sheriff Salazar, this is the first time he has worked with the FBI like this, but he does say he expects to bring them in for more cases in the future.

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