Suspicious vehicle cleared after shots fired at SAPD HQ

Shots fired outside police headquarters (SBG Photo).

SAN ANTONIO - San Antonio Police are investigating a series of gunshots fired outside the SAPD Headquarters downtown. Reports of the shots came in shortly after 10 p.m. Saturday. No officers were hit.

Chief McManus said they questioned a suspect. Several shell casings were found at Grahm Alley and South Santa Rosa. There is some slight damage to the building.

The area near the building was closed off by police vehicles.

A suspicious vehicle was found int he parking lot adjacent to where the shell casings were found. The bomb squad was called in to inspect the vehicle, but it was learned that it belonged to an employee of a nearby business.

The investigation is ongoing and the suspect remains at large.

Police departments are on edge nationwide following the shooting of police officers in Dallas.

Chief McManus with more details

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