Business advocates react to paid sick leave ordinance

    SAN ANTONIO, TX - San Antonio City Council pass a city wide ordinance forcing business to give employees paid sick leave starting August 2019.

    "Most of my life I've been in the restaurant business," Los Barrios owner Louis Barrios said.

    He named one of his restaurants after his mother, Viola who started the Barrio's family restaurant business with just a couple of employees.

    "She was 48-years-old when she started Los Barrios," Barrios said. "She worked 100 hours a week for 30 years."

    Louis thought about her when the city council passed paid sick leave.

    He said if she was starting a business with that ordinance, Los Barrios wouldn't be what it is today.

    "What I try to do is advocate for small mom and pop operators," Barrios said.

    The San Antonio Chamber of Commerce said it just makes business expensive.

    And employers may be more geared to cutting jobs or raising product prices.

    "Telling private businesses to implement paid sick leave is not the place of the municipal government," Chamber President Richard Perez said.

    President Perez said they've reached out to Texas legislators to stop paid sick leave before it's in effect next August.

    Austin has taken a different approach after they became the first city to pass the same ordinance.

    Instead, businesses sued.

    We asked SA Chamber of Commerce if businesses here thought about suing the city.

    "There has been discussion after the ordinance was passed," Perez said. "We'll know in another week."

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