Cameras installed to fight against illegal dumping throughout San Antonio

Illegal Dumping in San Antonio

City officials are testing new measures designed to decrease the amount of illegal dumping taking place in San Antonio.

"The city comes and cleans it all up for everybody, and then lets them do it again,” said Dion Adams who lives southwest of downtown.

Christmas decorations, tires, empty bottles, and sofas line some streets in Bexar County.

We spoke with Dion Adams, who frequently drive along West Chavaneaux Road.

"It completely covers the street,” said Adams. “You have to drive over it sometimes.”

District 4 Councilman Rey Saldana recently started a new pilot program to help fight against illegal dumping.

The program uses 6 cameras scattered along different roadways, designed to catch illegal dumpers on video.

"We will be knocking on your door with a citation, either issuing you a fine, or hauling you into court to explain why you decided to dump mounds of trash in our community,” said Councilman Saldana. “You're going to have to pay the price for that."

City officials don’t want us to disclose the locations of these cameras.

We found one camera, and noticed that it alerts possible illegal dumpers with a vocal message.

"It will stop dumping here on the street,” said Adams. “But it's not going to stop the dumping that's going on elsewhere."

Some officials believe the program will save the city money, so they don’t have to keep picking up trash.

“There's consequences,” said Saldana. “They're literally trashing out community.”

The pilot program is expected to last through 2018. City officials will make a decision on it during next year’s budget session.

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