Cancer leaves pastor homebound during MLK holiday

Pastor Goldie Hill will miss the MLK march on Monday, January 21, due to her ongoing battle against cancer. (Photo provided by Greater Institutional Church)

SAN ANTONIO - A pastor and loving sister is missing the MLK parade due to a tough battle with cancer.

It's been a long fight for her.

Every year, the Greater Institutional Church celebrates the MLK parade in San Antonio.

Their building sports an MLK mural.

But this year is different.

One pastor, Goldie Hill is battling cancer.

"She had been battling for 14 years," her sister and fellow past Classie Wilson said.

After leaving hospice care, Goldie is at home resting.

Not strong enough to help the church with the parade as she usually does.

"She will be missed but her presence is felt," Wilson said.

The church continues to pray for Goldie.Having faith their sister will return one day.

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