Cancer survivor walks to honor La Virgen de Guadalupe


Today is the day Catholics around the world honor the Virgen de Guadalupe.

People in and around San Antonio are honoring this day in their own ways, including one woman in Kerrville.

Lucy Martinez is guided by faith.

Martinez began this tradition of honoring la Virgen de Guadalupe almost 20 years ago after seeing an image of her inside her home.

"When I saw her come up on my wall I felt like she was asking me in her own way that she wanted to be walked to the church," said Martinez.

Since 1998, Martinez has walked about a mile from her house to a local church carrying a statue of the lady.

“She wants you to take her out for a walk,” said Martinez. “That's why it's called the Guadalupe walk."

Usually, Martinez says a few dozen people will join here.

This year, Martinez's son bobby was the only one to walk with her.

Martinez's tribute was put on hiatus last year because she was battling cancer.

“It was painful because of the treatments they gave me," said Martinez.

Martinez is now in remission and her faith is guiding her to not miss another chance to honor la Virgen de Guadalupe.

“I’m very happy doing it and I'll do it again even if I have to be in a wheel chair," said Martinez.

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