Canyon Lake mobile home fire claims two lives

Canyon Lake mobile home fire claims two lives. (SBG Photo)

CANYON LAKE - We are learning more about a deadly fire in Canyon Lake that claimed two lives on Monday.

One of the victims daughters was just getting to know her father after coming out of foster care.

A friend told her there was a fire in the area, she kept calling him and he never picked up.

One of the men who died in the fire is identified as Michael Frank Winslett by her daughter Michaela Sullins.

He's known for making people laugh and playing a guitar.

Sullins said he and his roommate who has not been identified died after a fire broke out in their mobile home.

Sullins said firefighters told her he had too many cords plugged in on top of an obstructed space heater.

"If I never met him, I don't know what I would be doing right now," Sullins said.

Sullins said she is grateful for the year she got with her dad.

Firefighters also told Michaela her father's mobile home did not have smoke detectors.

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