Caught on camera: Burglar throws rock into San Antonio business

Burglar throws rock into business

Many businesses on San Antonio's north-side have had enough. They say burglars keep breaking-in, and stealing all sorts of things. However, this time one of them was caught on camera, at the Bandera Festival Shopping Center.

"He definitely knew what he was going for, and took it,” said Rebecca Sheer the owner of Sheer Celebrations.

On Thursday around 4 in the morning, a burglar was caught on camera throwing a rock into Sheer Celebrations. Once inside, the man goes straight to the counter, leaving with a cash register in less than 20 seconds.

"It's a scary feeling to know that your property had been vandalized," said Sheer. “What makes him think he can take what I worked so hard to build?”

We tracked crime in the neighborhood, discovering 86 burglaries have occurred so far this year within just 2 miles of the Bandera Festival Shopping Center.

After surveying the damage, and everything stolen, Sheer says she lost hundreds of dollars.

"I'm not going to let anybody stop me from running my business,” said Sheer.

Although the burglar's face is half covered with cloth, many businesses in the area are hopeful someone might know something.

"Hopefully between all of the businesses that have been affected, we can get this person or people,” said Sheer. “So they get the punishment they deserve"

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