Caught on Camera: SA man confronts alleged drunk driver

Man confronts alleged drunk driver

A San Antonio man’s cellphone video has officially gone viral.

Deandre Lewis pulled out his cellphone and started recording after seeing what he thought was a drunk driver earlier this week.

"I pulled out my phone, and what I thought was going to happen, happened,” Deandre Lewis told us in an interview.

Since Tuesday, the cellphone video has been viewed more than a million times on social media.

The video shows a pickup truck losing control near Loop 410 and West Military Drive. Moments later, the vehicle came to a stop on the highway, narrowly missing other cars.

“If he had gone out into the highway a little more, he could have killed somebody,” said Lewis.

Then, with his cellphone still rolling, Deandre decided to confront the driver.

“He smelled like a skunk,” said Lewis.

20-year-old Deandre Lewis tells us that he wants to become a federal agent someday. After confronting the driver, 61-year-old Manuel Rodriguez-Rojas was arrested, charged with his third possible DWI.

"It's good I got him off the street, because who knows,” said Lewis.

The San Antonio Police Department warns against confronting possible drunk drivers. Instead, they recommend calling police, and keeping a safe distance.

" Leave it up to the officers to confront that person,” said Jennifer Rodriguez from the San Antonio Police Department. “Don't do it.”

Although Deandre understands his actions were dangerous, he says he’d still do the same thing.

“What I did was crazy,” said Lewis. “I had already seen what he looked like, so I knew I wasn't going to get hurt.”

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