Centro Seguro, 24/7 drop-in center helps dozens of trafficked youth

Centro Seguro helps dozens of trafficked youth.JPG

SAN ANTONIO- Centro Seguro is a 24-7 drop in shelter that offers immediate support to children who were once homeless, runaways or trafficked.

In partnership with Bexar County Juvenile Probation and Roy Maas Youth Alternatives, Centro Seguro opened its doors in October.

Since then, 110 young people between 11-17 years old have been helped.

“Coming to us because they have been victims of trafficking,” said Dr. Julie Strentzsch with Roy Maas Youth Alternatives

Dr. Strentzsch assists children during their healing process.

She said about 90% of the youth coming off the streets are brought in by an officer.

“SAPD brings the kids to us and we get a little history and we can start doing the good case management work right away. A confirmed trafficked kid then we get them connected to an advocate who's going to follow them all the way through their court case,” Dr. Strentzsch said.

Dr. Strentzsch said right now renovations are being made to the shelter that'll help more kids coming off the streets.

“We really meet them where they are at. We don’t want to judge, we don’t want to judge what they have been through we only want to help them get past it,” Dr. Strentzsch said.

For more information on Centro Seguro, click here.

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